June 28-July 2: Minecraft + Optional Java Mod Building!


Minecraft, with Mod Building Add-On
June 28-July 2, 2021
9:00 am-3:30 pm

Spaces available


June 28-July 2
9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Grades 3-8
8 students maximum

A week of free building and exploring on our own private, modded Minecraft server. Students can freely switch between Creative and Survival modes. Each day will include a bonus mini-lesson on an advanced Minecraft topic like redstone, mob traps, farms, and robots.

In the afternoon, advanced students will have the option of learning how to build a basic Minecraft mod in Java. We’ll learn how to structure a mod, and how to create custom blocks, items, weapons and more. This afternoon segment is totally optional, but it has been a much-requested option! Experience with Java is not required, however students building mods should have some familiarity with a high-level programming language like Javascript, Python, C++ or C#.