Do you provide extended care?
Extended care is available for an additional $15/hour per student. Please do not arrive later than 5:30 pm to pick up your child.

Do you take screen breaks?
Yass! Full-day camps take morning and afternoon breaks in addition to a full hour of outdoor lunch and recess time. After-school programs take a brief snack and stretch break in the middle of each session. Students are always welcome to sit and talk, relax, or (quietly) play musical instruments in the adjacent break room.

Do you provide snacks?
All programs provide light snack service—typically fresh fruit, chips, crackers, etc. However, day campers should bring their own lunches.

What about allergies?
Our location is not guaranteed 100% nut-free, and there are pets in the upper flat. If your child has a serious allergy condition, please contact to discuss accommodations for his/her/their situation. Students with severe allergies should pack their own snacks.

Do you provide financial assistance?
We have provided some limited financial assistance to families who do not currently have funds for full payment of fees. Please reach out to to inquire about participating in a financial assistance program. Some documentation may be required to fulfill the request.